6 October 2017

9 June 2017

being together apart

During his stay in the MeetFactory, Stijn Van Dorpe has been researching forms of ideology that offer a counterweight for the presumed natural and as such invisible ideology of neoliberalism. Van Dorpe invited different Prague based ideological groups that all assume a radical approach towards different inequalities (caused by capitalist society), to have a common meeting and to discuss some thorny issues. The outcome of this discussion will be visualized by a huge fabric, assembled by sewing during a week of collective meetings. The fabric will be created into a quilt of different ideological signs and positions of the group's together with marks of how the group’s relate to each other and actual solutions for different political challenges. By bringing these people together around the central democratic values of equality and freedom, the artist (re)installs a fictional, utopian political model, a model that offers alternatives for today's status quo. On Saturday the 10th during the open studio at 8.30 pm, the fabric formation will give rise to a public discussion. 

With the generous collaboration of 
RFK, SocSol, INR, KSM, Mladí zelení, Jidelna and Ženy 365

27 April 2017

Being together apart

performance in the frame of Hotel Charleroi@mhka/ photo Ilke De Vries

1 November 2016

the 'Room', Z33 Hasselt

photo Kristof Vrancken

The work ‘the Room’ has different performative stages. In the first stage, students in painting and decorative techniques from KTA2 Hasselt and myself, painted the exhibition room in a marble imitation technique.  The second step was to overnight in the room, while our sleeping sounds were recorded. A live music performance in the marbled space with the sleeping sounds composed by Maja Jantar, was a next event. 

12 April 2016

'the contract'

with Bert De Leenheer, Dirk Vanhecke, Sven Van Huffel, Anthony Broeckhove, Anthony Paris, Maxim Lambrecht. Scenario: Robrecht Vanderbeeken

21 August 2015

Pilootproject Tondelier (long-term project) phase 1

phase 1:

a/ maquette / documents

fig. a



28 March 2015

Netwerk Aalst: Ideologie AUB! Een denkmodel / Ideology Please! A Thinking Model

photo Tomas Uyttendaele

Ideologie AUB! Een denkmodel
Ideology Please! A Thinking Model